18 January 2016

The PV Market Alliance (PVMA) estimates photovoltaic installations of at least 51 GW in 2015, perfectly in line with its last year report forecast, and short of most too optimistic expectations.

After 40 GW of PV installations in 2014, a confirmation of PVMA last January early estimate, 2015 experienced a significant growth with a market reaching at least 51 GW, exactly matching last year PVMA central scenario forecast. Strong growth was observed in all major markets while more emerging market started to contribute to the global growth.

  • China installed in 2015 at least 15 GW, a 37% increase YoY. As anticipated, the utility-scale segment continues to dominate the market with a share of over 70% vs. distributed generation. China overtook the pole position from Germany with 43 GW installed capacity.
  • Japan has installed about 10 GW of PV in 2015, with already 7.4 GW(AC) installed by the end of September under the FiT program.
  • The US market grew by 56% in 2015 over 2014 to 9.8 GW, driven by ITC uncertainty and accelerated growth in the market for residential solar leases.
  • Europe installed around 8.5 GW, driven primarily by a booming UK market at more than 4 GW, followed by a reduced German market at 1.4 GW.
  • India confirmed its growth with 2 GW installed in 2015 and positive prospects for the coming years.
  • As anticipated, a number of emerging markets on all continents started to contribute significantly to the global growth. Installations reached around 1.5 GW in other American countries and around 2.5 GW in other Asian countries, including Australia. Africa and the Middle East accounted together for about 1 GW.

These figures represent DC numbers and refer to grid connected PV systems. Figures reflecting installations or shipments of PV components can deliver slightly different results.

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11 June 2015

The PV Market Alliance forecasts a growing global PV market close to 50 GW in 2015

The PV Market Alliance uncovers today the first release of its annual PV Global Market Report.
According to the PV Market Alliance, global PV markets will grow this year close to 50 GW, fuelled, as in 2014, mainly by growth in China, Japan, the USA and some emerging countries. European markets are expected to stabilize after the steep decline observed since 2011, while India’s potential will start to impact the global market.

Market development up to 2020 is affected by a significant level of uncertainty but is likely to grow up to 70 GW and possibly 90 GW in the most optimistic scenario.

The report received support from renewable organisations such as Solar Power Europe (formerly EPIA), Solar United, Bridge to India, Enerplan (France), Gunder (Turkey), PV Poland and UNEF (Spain).

Combining an intimate knowledge of the market with advanced understanding of policy developments in both established and emerging PV markets, the PVMA’s report constitutes one of the most reliable global PV market analysis available to date and provides a comprehensive framework from where to understand PV market developments worldwide.

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22 January 2015

The PV Market Alliance estimates photovoltaic installations of 40 to 42 GW in 2014 after final numbers for 2013 were revised down to 37 GW.

After 37 GW of PV installations in 2013 (below the 40 GW figure announced earlier due to lower final Chinese figures), 2014 experienced a moderate growth with a market stabilizing above 40 GW and up to 42 GW, depending on actual Q4 installations. Emerging business models that engage electricity consumers are driving a resurgence of distributed generation PV installations worldwide even as utility scale deployment continues to drive installations.  Strong progress was observed in several regions, including Asia, North and Latin America and South Africa.

  • Although new policies designed to favour distributed solar PV over utility-scale have yet to bear fruit, China managed to maintain its global pole position as the largest market with 10.5 to 12 GW depending on last quarter performance, after 2013 figures were revised downwards to 9.5 GW,
  • Japan continued to install PV at an accelerated speed, with above 9 GW installed,
  • Momentum continues in the US market that saw around 6 GW of demand in 2014,
  • European markets declined for the third year in a row to around 7 GW, with UK and Germany leading the pace, followed by France,
  • Six emerging markets (South Africa, India, Thailand, Chile, Mexico and Turkey) contributed together to around 3 GW in 2014.

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